Who We Are

SA Revenues SplitStrategic Analytics is a boutique consulting company established in 2003 with key offices in London and Shanghai.

Our clients are primarily:

  • Fortune 1000 corporations
  • Large European organizations
  • Private equity and their portfolio companies

We have 4 primary pillars and differentiators:

    1. Industrial Focus – We focus on a select number of industrial platforms where we have deep knowledge and expertise
    2. Growth Agenda Consulting – We focus on understanding products, customers, the competitive environment, and go-to-market strategies to drive growth
    3. Primary Research Focus – Our recommendations are based on extensive in-house primary research
    4. Actionable Recommendations – We deliver solutions that are actionable and have resonance and relevance throughout our clients’ organizations

We work with our clients on a global basis and this is reflected in the diverse geographies that we serve