Private Equity Expertise

Our private equity clients typically fit the following profile:

  • Assets under management in the range of $3B – $10B
  • Typical deal size of $50M – $200M
  • A portfolio of between 10-40 portfolio companies
  • A strong focus on the industrial sector
  • Are operational investors focused on platform improvement and bolt-on acquisition.

We work with our private equity clients in four key areas:

    1. Commercial due diligence on new platform acquisitions as well as bolt-on acquisitions
    2. Driving the growth agenda of portfolio companies and working actively with the senior management team – particularly in the first 2-3 years post acquisition
    3. Identifying bolt-on acquisition opportunities
    4. Working collaboratively with our private equity clients to develop new investment hypotheses and identify and source acquisition targets

We work actively with the private equity partners as well as the senior management teams of the portfolio companies.