Within our rental platform, Strategic Analytics has undertaken more than 100 projects with clients across a range of product segments, including:

  • Power generation
  • Cooling & HVAC
  • Portable accommodation
  • Lifting and access equipment
  • Specialist Oil & Gas Tools
  • Test & Measurement tools
  • Our clients include some of the largest global rental companies as well as a number of mid-sized regional providers. With one client, our close support during an eight year growth phase helped them increase revenues 4-fold and market capitalization 12-fold to build a position as the global leader in its sector.

    example client engagements

    • Conducting detailed market sizing by sector, customer and geography to optimize coverage strategies. We worked with a leading power and HVAC rental player to optimize coverage in over 20 developed markets covering Europe and North America;
    • Developing a detailed global strategy for a major rental provider in the mining sector based on understanding key applications, rental criteria of the different players in the value chain and detailed market sizing by country, type of mineral and customer segment;
    • Understanding customer requirements, propensity to rent by sector and customer concentration to drive market entry strategy and depot rollout strategy in developing markets;
    • Identifying acquisition opportunities;
    • Optimizing depot structure and sales territories to drive efficiencies in coverage and improve sales effectiveness;
    • Understand voice of customer and customer rental criteria to drive differentiated value propositions by customer segment;
    • Developing a detailed oil & gas strategy for a major rental provider based on understanding the size of the market, key applications, rental criteria and detailed customer segments;
    • Understand customers’ rental propensity and what factors drive the rental vs purchasing criteria and how these factors can be influenced for a new rental product in India;
    • Identifying potential partners with complementary product ranges in Europe for a large crane rental company in the UK;
    • Developing geographical expansion strategy for a regional accommodation rental player;
    • Analyzing the supply demand balance for the global power industry to quantify current and future power shortfalls by region to 2025. Involved in-depth analysis of power consumption and generation capacity additions in over 70 countries;
    • Carrying out a detailed market analysis for a leading UK access rental player to drive coverage, customer strategy and depot optimization;
    • Mapping out the main players in power rental in the Chinese market with a particular focus on understanding the industries targeted, fleet composition and pricing levels;
    • Mapping out the global rental industry to industry structure and the level of fragmentation by product category and geography;
    • Mapping out the applications for generator, cooling, transformer, compressor and dehumidifation rental in the power generation and distribution industry in Europe and North America to quantify the opportunities and understand key differences in customer requirements by geography;
    • Conducting a due diligence on a rental player operating in the Canadian oil sands;
    • Developing a strategy for a rental player in the environmental instrumentation market serving test and measurement and environmental consultants. Focus was on understanding requirements to drive geographical expansion as well as product portfolio optimization;
    • Helping a rental player understand the use of its products by different players in the construction value chain and rental’s share of wallet.