Oil & Gas and Mining Equipment

The recent volatility in oil and commodity prices, coupled with changes in technology and the regional landscape has resulted in significant disruption to companies serving the oil & gas and mining industries.

Our experience in these sectors is called on by suppliers of services and equipment who require primary data and insights – both to define their long term plans and to react to short term disruption in the markets they serve.

From our extensive work across the landscape, we have built a network of 500 industry experts who enable us to provide a unique level of insight to address our clients’ needs.

example client engagements

  • Identification of growth opportunities and how to access them
  • Assessing the impact of commodity price decreases and the implications of these on our clients’ business
  • Determining the buying criteria that are used by our clients’ customers and how our clients are perceived and differentiated in the market
  • Identification of the adjacent products and industry sectors which would be attractive for our clients’ business
  • Identification of the most attractive acquisition opportunities to support growth