Food & Beverage Equipment and Packaging Materials

We work predominantly for manufacturers of food processing and packaging equipment and manufacturers of flexible packaging. We work for our clients on a global basis and have an in-depth understanding of the dynamics and structure of:

  • Protein markets (meat, fish & dairy)
  • Beverages sector
  • Confectionary
  • Our work with our clients in developed markets is focused on optimizing operations and capturing new trends in consumer demand – such as changes in processing techniques, capturing convenience trends and new packaging formats and materials. In developing markets (particularly China), we work with our clients to exploit the rapid growth in protein consumption and processing and packaging trends.

    example client engagements

    • Working over a 5-year period with one of the leaders in the protein processing equipment industry to help it optimize its operations in developed markets through detailed market sizing by application and customer leading to highly targeted coverage strategies.
    • Working with the same organization to help it penetrate the Chinese (and other BRIC) market. Involved detailed customer segmentation to understand customer requirements and price sensitivity – particularly propensity to pay for European and US quality.
    • Developing the China strategy for a flexible packaging manufacturer based on understanding customers’ requirements for packaging materials, the current Chinese competitor set and the prevailing market price.
    • Understanding the key trends in the stand-up pouch packaging equipment market – and particularly the key trends in VFFS vs HFFS and HFS vs HFFS in 5 key packaging sectors. Part of a CDD by a private equity client.
    • Sizing the confectionary packaging market and understanding customer requirements in China for manufacturer of vertical flow packaging machines.
    • Conducting a detailed market industry study of the food processing equipment sector for a large PE client.
    • Helping a European flexible packaging manufacturer to define priorities by sector, type of film and geography.
    • Developing a China strategy for a manufacturer of flavor and seasoning products and providing detailed usage of these products by over 40 fast food chains in China.
    • Optimizing and harmonizing the aftermarket pricing policies for an US/European OEM based on an in-depth analysis of hit rates and competitor pricing.
    • Sizing of the global protein processing equipment industry by application and geography – used to define the 5-year strategy of a market leader.
    • Identifying distribution partners in 8 geographies for a shrink bag manufacturer – involved identifying, qualifying these partners and making the appropriate connections to the client.
    • Sizing the global market for the dairy equipment industry and defining the strategic and coverage priorities for a Top 3 player in the sector.
    • Identifying acquisition targets in China for a protein equipment manufacturer – focus was on identifying Chinese players with specific products and customer relationships.
    • Prioritizing 12 markets in Asia Pacific and driving the regional strategy and most profitable go-to-market model. Involved moving some countries to a distributor model. We worked with the client to identify potential distributor partners.
    • Working with an OEM to optimize its go-to-market strategy in Germany and in particular its coverage of its installed base in the face of declining share and competitive attack on its installed base.
    • Due diligence on a Chinese smokehouse manufacturer with a special focus on understanding the suitability of its products outside China.