What we look for


We have the same baseline academic requirement for all our recruits – a First Class or 2.1 degree in a quantitative subject (Engineering, Physics and Mathematics) from a top university. We also look for a number of personal qualities:

Qualities We Value

Leadership and team work

  • Team work is core to every project – early on you will be expected to manage people and drive work forward


  • Effective communication up and down the chain is key to a project’s success

Ability to identify and summarize key themes

  • There are many elements to a project, so being able to pull them all together in a logical way that is easy to understand is crucial

Flexible learning

  • A lot of consultant skills are learned “on the job” and you have to be able to absorb and act on what you are being taught quickly


  • We pride ourselves on very high quality quantitative, intelligent, useful work, and need people who can deliver this

Handling Ambiguity

  • Real world business problems can be complex and ambiguous – as consultants we need to be able to deal with non clear-cut questions


  • We work hard and progress fast, so want people who are highly motivated and excited by the rate at which you are given extra responsibility


  • Trust of the client is key in consulting – this is delivered right the way from associate consultants to project managers


  • We work to tight schedules, so understanding priorities and focusing on delivering value to the client is key